We are leading institution offering nursery, primary and secondary education in Maryland Lagos providing cutting edge processes, skilled people and cutting edge technology to support the system of learning designed to produce global influencers in all areas of human endeavor.

Our Secondary School referred to as Howbury Tech, delivers the Global High Impact Secondary School Program(GHISS)The GHISS is one of the few pre-university education that allows students to experience learning on 3 continents, with the opportunity to see the world, experience new cultures and find new interests. Learning will be rigorous but exciting. The GHISS program is a pathway to global qualifications like the IB and IGCSE.

We hope to attract qualified students of African descent for our GHISS program from around the world. We are working towards becoming one of the leading global secondary schools by 2027.

Develop the next generation of leaders and Problem solvers that will change Africa.

Our purpose is to develop the mental and emotional capacity of students that enroll in our institution by challenging them to think differently, to challenge existing assumptions, task them to redirect energy and efforts to solving problems in their communities, and to become the next generation of society leaders and influencers


Global High Impact Secondary School

Our program is enriched to offer students maximum learning, work, Technology exposure, mentorship and internship experience leading to admission into the global top 250 universities and readiness to offer, identify and take opportunities.

Teaching will embody the principle of Phenomenal learning as developed by team members who are faculties at University of Ibadan, Africa Leadership University, European University of Cyprus, Warwick University and New York University

The Global High Impact Secondary School (GHISS) Program is a post primary program for those that want to impact their immediate community and lead Africa in a new direction.

We will offer the best Teachers, expose students to learning, living and thriving on two other continents, immerse them in great internship programs with leading global businesses and mentorship programs from some of the biggest Technology, business and political leaders around.

Howbury tech

Prospective parents can walk in or call the school office on 07046210181