Howbury School Lagos

Curriculum Information

Howbury School offers a broad and balanced curriculum; a blend of the English National curriculum and the Nigerian National curriculum. The curriculum is taught in an integrated and structured manner and outlines expected levels of achievement through all stages of a pupil’s school life.

Our curriculum emphasises creativity, innovation, resourcefulness and critical thinking in addition to development of specific academic competencies. 

To improve pupil's achieving learning objectives we engage parents in their learning process. We offer parents several opportunities to be involved in a pupil's school life. Engaged parents are strong role models of learning and send the message that they value education


Assessments are central to our teaching process and are routinely carried to enable us determine what a child has learnt and help us plan effectively for the next stages of a child’s development.

A child's progress is assessed and monitored through observation and task setting in line with the school's policy.

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Enrichment activities

Co- curricular activities

Co Curricular Activities

We offer several co-curricular activities to complement our curriculum. These activities meet a wide range of interest and generally take place after school hours.

Co curricular activities include Swimming, Music, Dance, Arts and craft, Board games, French, LEGO, French and Literary club.


Enrichment Activities

We organise enrichment events termly to buttress certain aspects of our curriculum. These events include Field/ Educational visits, Theme days, Subject days, Science fairs, Art shows and Inter house quizzes.

In key stage 2 (year 3 -6) there are opportunities for children to go on residential field visits locally and internationally.