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2019 Holiday Camp : The High Impact

Participants at this awesome holiday camp will learn and use knowledge gained in CODING,MATHEMATICS, GEOGRAPHY, WRITING, SCIENCE AND SOCIAL STUDIES 
to solve problems in the community towards achieving SDG goal 6.

The High Impact Holiday Camp continues the tradition of great and exciting holiday camps at Howbury School.

The 2019 camp for children ages 5 to 12 is centered around STEAM, (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics). Writing skills will be a major stand along feature.

Children at this year's holiday camp will be inspired  to build on their natural curiosity through hands-on, fun & engaging games and learning activities that encourage collaborative problem-solving, discovery and exploratory learning.

As a follow on to the learning that will take place at the camp,children will create and build devices, tools, applications and products from easily and locally sourced materials all day long.

Swimming, basket ball and lots of board games will be available at the camp for children to relax and enjoy.

Dedicated writing classes will hold during the camp for all participants. Our writing classes for children,  is supported by award winning writer Trade Ipadeola. The classes will inspire young writers and spark new levels of creativity.

The holiday camp will start on the  29th July and will run till 23th August. 

Each participant pays N30,000. for the whole program duration or N7,000 per week.