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September Newsletter

Bursting with exceptional energy, radiating eagerness and quest to learn, with joy untold, our doors opened widely to welcome our pupils back to school on Monday, September 13th. Part of the excitement stemmed from the knowledge that Howbury Tech has progressed to having two classes now; Year 7 and Year 8. 

Watching our erstwhile "Play groupers" toddle into school clad in their school uniforms elicited much joy.

It was a sure great start and we anticipate an eventful school year.

September Highlights:

New parents evening: to formally welcome new families to the Howbury community, the new parents evening held on Monday, September 20th. Parents received clarity on class subjects, teaching techniques and school processes. The highpoint of the event was the heartwarming testimonial from one of our very satisfied existing parents, Mrs. Ronke Faromo, who expressed the peace she has had in her journey as a Howbury parent. She went on to urge new parents to remain great at their parenting roles so the new pupils continue to raise the Howbury flag high. 


Meet The Parents(MTP): as regularly emphasised, Howbury School relies heavily on the collaborative effort of the school and home in raising a wholesome child. MTP is a forum where parents are given full information on what to expect in the new class and for the entire school year. We sincerely appreciate you for your attendance at the recently held MTP. Slides will be shared on a class by class basis.

Extra Curricular Activities: have been proven to offer learners the opportunity to develop life skills relevant for now and the future. 
Click here to 
access the club objectives.

Fire Drill: As part of the processes for reaffirming optimum awareness of safety measures to be taken in events of emergency, the pupils had a fire drill. The drill served to remind pupils of the school’s safety codes and how to react in emergency situations.


Poem recitations: Howbury School Library presents Poem Recitals. All Pupils are required to write poems on either of these topics: 


(a) a person whose life you are curious about 

(b) a place you visited; how you imagined it beforehand and what it was like actually 

(c) Time Travel 

(D) The feeling of getting lost in a book

The most creative poem will be featured in the Library magazine and the school’s social media channels. We kindly solicit your support in nudging the pupils to make their submissions. Deadline for submission is October 6th while recitals will commence on Thursday, October 7th. 

Independence Celebration: on Thursday September 30, it was a great delight seeing our pupils arrive at school in attires that represent their different tribes and cultures. They also relished the local delicacies they had for lunch. Pupils had recitals, fashion displays and lots more.


Nigeria at 61:



From pre-independence to the colonial period to post colonial period to the present...

What a journey it has been!

A great nation with a great people from diverse cultures

Though the thick and thin

Through the ups and downs

Through the winding narrow paths

Through the trials and temptations

What a journey it has been!


61 years and still counting…

Though the tempest rage,

A work still in progress

A people strong and resilient

A hope that reignites our Faith

We rise and soar 

High above division,poverty and hopelessness

O God of creation

Guide thou our noble cause.

Happy Independence celebration

May the labour of our heroes' past never be in vain.

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