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September 2020 Newsletter

Welcome to the September episode of our Newsletter.

It is exciting to write to you at this time. All of us at Howbury School will like to thank you for choosing us for your Child’s education 
We are so excited to have everyone back. 


One of the most memorable things to remember about September 2020 is that it afforded us the honor of receiving our previous jewels back to physical in-school learning after a 6 month school lock down period. It is known that Sapphire, the birthstone of September symbolises clarity of thought, we cannot be less grateful to Divinity for the relative clarity experienced in the education space. 
To further discuss resumption modalities, offer parents available options for learning and receive parents' feedback on resumption plans, an all parents meeting was held on 19th September. As a fall off from the meeting, interested parents came in to the school to ascertain the level of preparedness for resumption.
With great delight and glee, and after a seemingly endless wait, we welcomed our treasured pupils back to school on Monday, September 28th. 
The joy of physical in-school has been amazing, pupils have settled fairly well back to in-school learning. We seize this moment to appreciate all our esteemed parents for the show of support and cooperation. We have experienced a great level of adherence to the Covid protocols instituted by government authorities...thank you.
To set a great tone for the new session, our school year commenced with a Welcome Assembly (Virtual) where pupils sang joyfully in expression of the excitement of being back to school. 
Howbury Tech
Our Year 7 students resumed in-school learning on Monday, October 5th. 
It has been a week of orientations on the expectations for the new learning experience. 
Howbury Tech is a secondary School for people who desire to carve a unique niche for themselves and make lasting incredible impacts.

National Day celebration

National Day celebration in school was colorful and exciting. Attired in Nigerian outfits of their choice, pupils arrived school in grand style on Thursday, October 9th. There were quizzes and debates on fun and historical facts about Nigeria. Once again, we wish our dear country a happy diamond anniversary celebration.


Resumption Protocols
We have taken time to prepare for school reopening and we would like to reassure you that we are strictly following the guidelines of the Lagos state ministry of education on safe reopening of schools and we have benchmarked our protocols with the recommendations of the World health Organization.
To minimize the impact of the Covid 19 protocols on lessons, we have asked pupils in year 4 to 7 to come to school on specific dates with their devices. These days will be advised in pupils communication books.

We understand that these are financially challenging times for every nation, community and household. In response to this; we have made available flexible payment plans for families to take advantage of. Please, see the accountant if you will like a payment plan. We expect all fees to be paid on or before the first day of school and all payment plans strictly adhered to. Where for any reason a due payment might not be made, kindly contact us well in advance to allow us room to cover the shortfall. We would allow a maximum of four (4) days only for parents to meet their pledged obligations.
Discipline Policy

We kindly encourage parents to get familiar with our pupils discipline policy. Our discipline policies are well thought out, in line with global best practices and are constantly reevaluated and reviewed to ensure they remain relevant and suitable for every pupil. Our discipline policies are contained in the pupils’ induction booklet.
We love hearing from all our parents and as we are always seeking improvements in all areas, your feedback is extremely valuable to us. Please keep them coming at all times.

Teachers, administrators and managers are always eager to meet with you, listen to your concerns, suggestions and discuss possibilities. Post Covid 19 restrictions: teachers are available school days before 7.45am and after 3.15pm. Administrators and Managers are available 7.30am to 5.00pm on all school days. At the moment, parents can visit for a meeting with teachers after 2:55pm on Tuesdays and Fridays. All teachers are available virtually every day after 2.15pm

You can also communicate your concerns via the communication book, on the Google classroom, via email ( or you can call the school office on 07046210181
Thank you and we wish everyone a fantastic 2020/21 session

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