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It is our joy to welcome you to a new month. All through April, we have continued to grow in leaps and bounds, all in a bid to live up to our commitment of building a firm foundation for your child's life long learning.


A major milestone being that the first Howbury School set of Year 9 students sat the Cambridge Checkpoint Exams. Having put in great effort in preparing for the exams, we can only hope for outstanding outcomes.

Though mostly spent as a holiday period, April had us executing a number of enrichment activities to keep our students positively engaged.




The free Howbury School Holiday Coding Program; Hackathon, was held over the Easter Holidays. The six day program offered the students insights on different programming applications and their functionalities.


Language Proficiency Brush Up Sessions


The 3-day session was held for select pupils in Key Stage Two to boost their use of vocabulary and enhance their overall communication skills, both oral and written. This program was mapped out with an intent to help pupils figure out strategies that would increase their ability to initiate, coordinate and express their thoughts in simple but coherent strings.


School resumption

Oh what joy it is to have the students back to school for another season of learning, exploration and fun. On Wednesday, April 26th, and with open arms, the Howbury Team welcomed students back to school for the new term.


Term 3 at a glance 

The last lap of a phase, they say, is usually the most interesting. It's the concluding part of the 2022/23 Session, the term is replete with engaging activities for you and the pupils. As always, we rely on your support to execute all that we have planned out and we look forward to welcoming you at our events. Please click here for the term's calendar.


To achieve our goals for the term, we kindly crave your collaboration by checking and acknowledging communication books, offering feedback, attending parent events, providing required learning materials and having the students arrive at school on time. 


Thank you.

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