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May 2020 Newsletter


The beautiful month of May popularly termed the month of love and success was all shades of aMAYzing. We have maintained the air of commitment and drive towards excellence, not being deterred by the prevailing circumstances.

Have a peep into some of our May activities:

Workers' day

On the first day of May, we joined our voices in celebrating workers worldwide. We are particularly proud to celebrate those working tirelessly to ensure we are safe and that our daily activities did not come to a halt at this time. We salute your courage, resilience and sacrifice in this fight.


To our Muslim brethren, we congratulate you for the successful completion of Ramadan. Once again we wish you a happy Eid-el-Fitri celebration and are hopeful that all the prayers you have offered during the period of fast will receive speedy answers.
Children's Day

Children’s Day was celebrated on May 27th with a special virtual Children’s Day assemblies. At the assembly, pupils received kind wishes from their teachers, the school management and their peers. The day’s celebration continued with activities on the online classroom. Pupils designed e-gifts for children around the world using household items, there was also teachers picture grid with heartwarming words to remind our children just how special they are to us.

Remote Learning

A special thanks goes out to all our parents for the support you have always shown us. We acknowledge and value your feedback as they help us get better. Particularly, we are encouraged by your many words of praise and appreciation on the work we are putting out in this remote learning time.

After three weeks of intense and rigorous remote learning, we took a one week break to offer our pupils some off screen time, review the work done so far and come up with ways to better the learning experience for all stakeholders.

Classes have commenced once again on May 27th; pupils have been prepped for learning, and the teachers have been re-equipped to offer more enriching lessons.


Google hangout with Isha Sesay:
On Saturday June 6th at 6pm, our pupils in Year 4, 5 and 6 will have a google hangout with the delectable Isha Sesay themed “Take on the world, Shine for Africa”. Isha is a journalist of several years, an author and a campaigner for the release of the abducted Chibok girls.

Book Reading with Jude Idada: 
A book reading session is in the cooks with Jude Idada; 2019 NLNG Literary Prize Winner. Further details will be communicated in due course.
Click here for more information
Advise on computer Ergonomics:

Good seating is the key to many activities, by having a conducive seating arrangement; a child will concentrate and make the most of the learning time. It is important to create a fit learning area at home for children to optimize learning and reduce the risk of strain injuries, computer vision syndromes, neck and back pain, and other disorders affecting the muscles, spine and joint.

Agreed, it may be difficult to create an entire new learning area at this time, but you can make some adjustments to promote comfort and prevent adverse effects associated with poor computer usage posture.

The following tips are recommended to reduce risk of stress, physical injury and computer eye strain from prolonged use of the computer:
  • Chairs should be comfortable, not too high for the child. It should support their back in an upright and relaxed arch position. Height of the chair should allow them to rest their feet firmly on the ground.
  • Pupils should sit so their heads and necks are upright and in line with their torsos, not bent down or tilted to the back.
  • The table should not be too high or too low. Height of the table should allow the child's elbow to be at 90 degrees or slightly past 90 degrees when rested on the keyboard. This helps keep their wrists straight and in a neutral position relative to the keyboard.
  • Pupils should face the computer screen directly and avoid viewing the computer screen with head turned or back twisted. Screen should be positioned in such a way that allows their eyes remain in a natural position (straight ahead and slightly down).
  • Pupils should keep elbows comfortably close to the body.
  • If a mouse is used, it should be kept closer to the keyboard so pupils do not have to reach for it.
  • Computer display should be positioned so the top of the screen is at or slightly below eye level. This will allow pupils view the computer without bending their necks.
  • Computers should be positioned close enough to the eyes so they can comfortably read text on the screen without leaning forward.
  • Pupils should avoid excessive bend or extension of the wrist and elbow.

Remember that the human body is not meant to sit still for prolonged periods of time; encourage your children to get up and move around as much as possible. The provision for this is factored in the remote teaching timetable.
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Please keep staying safe.

Ezinne Eze-Obaji

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