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Welcome to the June 2020 episode of our newsletter  

Radiant, succulent are some words describing the month of June considered a “good luck” month to get married. If your “love” anniversary falls within June, we say hearty congratulations to you. More importantly, high kudos for the doggedness you have all shown in the face of the new normal.

Resilience is accepting your new reality and pledging to keep at it. One of our mantra at Howbury School is that we realize that success is the result of hard work, determination and perseverance, this mindset has propelled our constant push for the optimum. Teaching virtually has presented loads of opportunities for us to project our tech advantage for our pupils’ learning. 

There have been a number of virtual events and collaborations, expanding our pupils’ horizon.

Interactive Session with Isha Sesay 

Take on the World; Shine for Africa was the theme of the conversation on Saturday, June 6th. Isha Sesay The Award winning former CNN Anchor, Author and Human Rights Activist. The former CNN Anchor and Activist charged pupils to:

  • Free their minds of any limitations, have a globalist world view and see a future without limitations
  • Use their passion not just for their good but to benefit the continent
  • Read widely, Use the available tech tools to transform and lead

It is an experience the pupils will always relish. 

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Parents Education Program (PEP)
The Parent’s Education Program is an informative program for parents and a platform where parents get to discuss with professional educators on the academic and social development process of their child and how best to handle issues arising. On Saturday June 21st, we had our first
Virtual Parents Education Program with the theme: Covid 19; Lessons and Realities. We express our gratitude to all parents who took part in the conversation and we especially thank Mrs. Tommy, Mrs. Sawyer and Mrs. Banjo for sharing on the theme of the event.

Virtual Parent’s Education Program (June 21, 2020)


Fathers’ Day

Dear Daddy,

You have always been my hero

Thank you for going hungry that I will eat

Thank you for providing all that I need

Even when you do not have

You go the extra miles

Just to see me smile

I love you Daddy
And I promise to always make you proud.



Happy Fathers’ Day to All Howbury Fathers, thank you for all you do!


Book Reading 

It was a thrill as Year 1-3 pupils had Jude Idada; Screenwriter, Author, Director and winner Nigerian Prize for literature, 2019 read a chapter of his Boom Boom during the Welcome Assembly for Phase 3 of the Remote Learning. The story which is centered on the struggles of a child born with

the SS genotype had all pupils listen with rapt attention as they anticipated the crux of the story.

Curbing TV Addiction in children
As children have been home for a long while, the inclination to get addicted to watching television is high. Asides the health challenges that might arise from staying too long in front of a screen, if not curbed, this could become a negative addiction that would negatively affect a child’s life and character.

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Please keep staying safe.

Thank you.

Ezinne Eze-Obaji.

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