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Welcome to the July episode of our Newsletter.

July came just like yesterday and it’s been splendid in all ways. We are almost tempted to tag it “feedback month” as we purposefully created diverse platforms of interaction with our dear parents to receive feedback and take steps that would further enrich and strengthen the processes. We have always maintained that it’s all in the interest of the child, and we do all things required to ensure the raising of a total child.

Happy Eid-al-Adha.

We felicitate with all our Muslim brethren on the Eid celebration. May this celebration fill our hearts and homes with joy and goodness. Happy Eid-al-Adha.
Recap of July:
Welcome Assembly:
As it is the custom, each new Remote Cycle begins with a Welcome Assembly to set tone for learning. On Monday, July 20th during the Welcome Assembly, we played host to Ayo Oyeku; Editor, Poet, Golden Baobab Prize winner 2018 as he read from his title: “Mafoya and the Finish Line” to our the Upper Primary Pupils while Sope Martins; Writer of Children Books, Radio and TV personality read 
from her title “The greatest Animal in the Jungle” to our Lower Primary Pupils.  The children had a great learning time.
Virtual Open Day:
Feedback is a basic tool for improvement. We rely heavily on parents’ feedback as they help us make our processes better. The Virtual Open Day held on 15th and 16th July. We are further spurred by the many kind words received on the outcome of the Remote Learning. More so, the zeal demonstrated by our parents in getting to find out pupils' gap areas and collaborative ways to have these filled have left us with the assurance of your support.
Open day July 2020.

Here are upcoming Activities:

August 13th

August 17th 
Year 6 Leadership Training
Year 6 Assessment
August 20thYear 6 Graduation
August 21stClass Parties
August 24th and 25thAssessments
August 26thRemote Learning Tribute Assembly
August 27thReception Graduation


Howbury Emergent Program
Ever wondered why some professionals stand out and make early impacts? This may be related to the age long quote “the earlier you start working on something, the earlier you see results”. The Howbury Emergent Program offers a unique advantage for young ones aged (9-16) to make an early discovery to self.
The Howbury Emergent Programme is designed for young persons to experience real life actions that will motivate them to follow their dreams and desires of becoming successful Investors, Medical personnelComputer Scientist and Writers.
As a result of the hands-on experience, exposure to industry giants and their practices, members will be tooled with the mindset, determination and know how to connect the dots ahead of them.
Club members will have access to information and advice on University placements, scholarships and internship opportunities.
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The Power of Positive Discipline
Children have been home for about 4 months due to the current lock down of school. For many parents, discipline is one of the toughest parts of the job to do at this time and beyond.
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Thank you for reading through. As always, we love to get your feedback because they help us offer better services to you, please keep them coming.

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Please keep staying safe.

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