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February 2021 newsletter

February, oh February!
The month when the celebration of love is usually at its peak. That of 2021 was no exception as we smelled everywhere its pleasing aroma.
From the billboards of the streets of busy areas like Oshodi, Lagos to the frequent adverts on TV about Valentine’s Day, one could not have just shut one’s eyes to the excitement of that season. Even more so that the day for this year’s celebration fell on a Sunday – a casual day when people will have as much time to spend with their loved ones.
But Valentine’s Day was not the only event we had at Howbury School, Lagos in the month of February. Read on to the fabulous other happenings. In love we welcomed the month and in the same love did we bade it farewell.

World Read Aloud Day – February 5th 2021
Research has shown that teachers who read aloud motivate students to read. This was one of our motivations in joining in solidarity the marking of the World Read Aloud Day in our school.
It is a day focused on bringing awareness to the importance of reading aloud and sharing stories and to advocate for literacy as a human right.
Our highlight for that day

was having our pupils be part of a school-wide virtual read-aloud session anchored by an author, Natalie McPerkins. Natalie read from her book, ‘Best in Me’ which as the name implies dares one to look within one’s self and discover and/or rediscover the best in ONE!"

An Evening with new Parents
The New Year brought in new members into the Howbury School family and we were so pleased to have them. As part of our culture, we welcomed them in a special way by setting aside few hours to allow both parties (the school and the new parents) talk about the school’s policies, expected deliverables from the parents and the school. The meeting was also a deliberation on how best to work together as a family.

The event held on the fifth of February and involved several interactive discussions as the parents laid bare all their questions, comments and feedbacks.
Finally, we received a testimony from a parent whose child after passing through Howbury School primary level has gone ahead to top ranks as a secondary pupil elsewhere. She attributes most of her child’s success to the work put in by the school. This was shared to assure the new parents of how much will be done to ensure that their children receive a firm foundation.           
Once again, we say welcome to the Howbury Family.  

Unwinding after the half term
There is the popular saying that ‘’all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” No doubt we all needed that long break after spending seven weeks (two weeks virtually; five weeks in-person) in schooling activities back to back.  Our pupils got a week-long holiday and teachers seized the opportunity to discuss with their parents through the open day sessions (parent-teacher interactive sessions) that

lasted between Monday 22nd February and Tuesday February 23rd

Teachers and other staff members also got their break off school work for some days. Before they went on the break, they displayed some real dancing moves in a mini-party that was set up for them. Who would have thought these teachers had this part of them besides drafting lesson plans, managing multiple behaviours and regularly applying the sixth sense for those recurring complex situations they always faced.
Celebrating our own 
In addition to the mini-party, we took out time to give kudos to one of us who in the past year has been very exceptional while discharging her professional duties. As the drums rolled, all minds in expectations and gazes fixed on each other, the announcement came in that Miss Queen Emeka is the 2020 Howbury School Teacher of the Year.
Miss Queen currently tutors the Year 1 class at Howbury School and has been teaching in Howbury School since September 2019. She co-taught the current Year 2 pupils while they were in Year 1 too.
When asked how she was able to pull off the hard work of becoming the teacher of
the year 2020, she responded in her exact words saying, “I learn from everyone. I pick pockets of knowledge from here and there.” Now, imagine how inspired Miss Queen’s class will be in terms of collaboration – a 21st century skill, as she already practices that which she preaches to her pupils. 

Miss Queen!


Our School Library
As weird or new as these may appear, it has been established, based on research that some of the benefits of reading a book include that it strengthens one’s brain, helps reduce stress, increases the ability to empathize, helps prevent age-related cognitive decline (in simpler words, reducing brain power due to age), prepares one for a good night’s rest, helps alleviate depression and even makes one live longer.
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2021 – 2030: The focus group
We are deliberate about creating a contemporaneous curriculum good enough to offer every child the right foundation for success. We are aware that skills and knowledge needed to thrive thirty years ago may/would not be relevant for today’s world. It is about looking into the future and ensuring that the future starts now for every child at Howbury school
At the beginning of the last decade, we held our first Focus Group meeting where we agreed that Coding and virtual learning will define the learning space in the last decade.
We celebrated our decade anniversary in January 2021 and in a bid to prepare for the next ten years of teaching and learning, we had a focus group session in February 2021 to again discuss (KSAs) knowledge, skills and abilities our pupils need to make them excellent individuals more than ten years from now.
The group was chaired by Professor Adebayo Adeyemi, former Vice Chancellor, Bells University, Ogun state

Until the next month’s newsletter, do have a happy read.

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