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Covid-19 Pandemic

Greetings from all of us at Howbury School.
These are challenging times for families and communities around the world and. We commend you for supporting the fight against the Corona virus pandemic by staying indoors and observing recommended levels of hygiene.
It is a fight we are positive we will win together, we thus encourage us to be in good spirit and continue to support measures put in place by the government to combat the COVID-19 virus.
May I remind you that teaching and learning is ongoing on the learning platforms. A new module on Social and emotional learning has been added to all of the classes. 
We will also be sharing online safety tips in the coming days.
Please note that all pupils are required to be in class  from 9am to 12noon, Mondays to Fridays.
If you have any questions or queries, please email us at, we hope to respond to you within two hours of receiving your email during weekdays. 

Thank you and God bless  our family, our nation and the world.

J E Adeosun

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